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Bail Bonds Henderson Detention Center
Bail Bonds Henderson Detention Center

Marc Gabriel is a Henderson bail bonds agent who helps with all Types of Henderson Bail Bonds to get you, your family or friends from jail. The payments are very affordable.

Detainees Arraignment Decision made by the Judge:

Released on own recognizance

Here, no bail is needed. In such cases, the suspect has to confirm in writing that they will appear in court during all the proceedings.

Bail amount set by the judge/ court

Bail is usually set depending on the crime committed. It can, therefore, be increased or reduced depending on the specific case.

Detained without bail

This is normal for people charged with committing capital offenses. In most cases, these people are considered to be a threat to society. When a suspect tries to escape is another reason for this.

Henderson Bail Bonds Agent Marc Gabriel
Henderson Bail Bonds Agent Marc Gabriel

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Hire an Attorney

The detainee can also have their family contact an Attorney in Henderson Nevada.

Detainee has Two Bond Options

Cash bonds

Cash bonds are an amount of money that a defendant gives to the court to get out of Henderson Detention Center temporarily. The defendant is however supposed to appear in court during all proceedings.

Surety bond

A surety bond involves a third party who acts as a guarantor for the defendant. The surety is supposed to ensure that the defendant does not go against the agreement made with the court.

Henderson NV Warrant Search
Henderson NV Warrant Search

Common types of bail bonds (surety bonds)

– Controlled Substance Bail Bonds
– Domestic Violence Bail Bonds
– DUI Bail Bonds – Driving Under the Influence
– Felony Bail Bonds
– Immigration Bail Bonds
– Misdemeanor Bail Bonds
– No Money Down Bail Bonds
– Traffic Bail Bonds
– Warrant Bail Bonds
– Weapons Bail Bonds

For these, one is likely to get a different amount of bond. The bond may vary for different people who have committed the same crime. For instance, a first-time traffic laws offender is likely to get a lower bond than a person who has been to court for the same several times.

Henderson DUI Bail Bonds
Henderson DUI Bail Bonds

How does a Bail Bond in Henderson work?

• A fee of 15% of the bail is paid to the bondsman. A bondsman being the person who acts a surety.
• The Henderson bail bondsman is then required to give the total amount of the bond to the jail.
• After the bond has been fully settled the detainee is granted freedom.

How expensive is a Bail Bond?

Bail bonds in Henderson are common. A bond is basically 15% of the bail that is paid for the temporary release of a detainee.

Henderson Bail Bonds Services
Henderson Bail Bonds Services

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Best Henderson Bail Bonds Services

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Henderson Bail Bondsman
Henderson Bail Bondsman